Breo iDream1260 Head, Eye and Neck Massager

Breo iDream1260 Head, Eye and Neck Massager
Breo AK-67UNHE1260-BO - Integrated music sooths you even more, pushing you further into relaxation. A soft, pillow-like-helmet, the breo iDream1260 hugs your head, neck, and the area around your eyes, massaging away the stress of your busy day. Select from yoga inspired music, and many other ambient music and sounds, running waves, birds chirping, all of which promise to dive you deeper into relaxation.
Four available unique massage selections with individual control settings. Choose from an array of massage types: air pressure, Pressure Point, Vibration, and/or Infrared Heat Compression all of which have their own individual settings so you can choose how to best relax. Head, neck and eye massager provides relief to the tense areas around your head.
Breo iDream1260 Head, Eye and Neck Massager - Attached remote control provides instant adjustments at your fingertips. The addition of an integrated music enhances the overall experience of this tranquil package from Breo. The breo idream1260 comes equipped with an attached remote control and can be powered with the included AC power adapter or batteries.
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