MOBILITYWOD FOOT ROLLER | Rogue Fitness | Foot Massager for Pain Relief

MOBILITYWOD FOOT ROLLER | Rogue Fitness | Foot Massager for Pain Relief
Rogue - Rogue quality: 100% certified rogue product and quality. This exclusive version also includes Rogue branding on the endcaps. The compact, and features a rounded, segmented design that contours to the natural curves of the heel, portable roller is compatible with any foot size, arch and toes. From the creators of the gemini and supernova, the MobilityWOD Foot Roller is another innovative recovery tool made from a durable, ultra-grippy urethane material with a nylon core.
Regular use of the mobilitywod foot roller before or after a workout can help mobilize, lengthen, and stretch the muscles and fascia in the foot, potentially improving circulation and reducing common soreness and/or the onset of plantar fasciitis. The mobilitywOD Foot Roller measures 4. 75" across and weighs just 0
MOBILITYWOD FOOT ROLLER | Rogue Fitness | Foot Massager for Pain Relief - 25 lbs, making it easy to carry in a gym bag, purse, brief case, etc. Foot pain: for myofascial Release, relief of pain in heel, foot, toes. Nylon core: grip-strong Urethane construction with Nylon core. Slip resistant: Easily used on any flooring surface, with no slip grip! The urethane exterior makes it uniquely slip resistant and safe on flooring.
Mobilitywod foot roller: light weight easy to carry, fits in any bag easily!
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Maverick Sports Medicine, Inc dba Pro-Tec Athletics
Pro-Tec Athletics The Orb Extreme - 4.5" Black
Maverick Sports Medicine, Inc dba Pro-Tec Athletics PTOrbExtreme - The orb extreme is an excellent tool that utilizes body weight to massage the it band, hamstrings, back, calves, quadriceps, etc. The orb extreme is non-toxic and composed of a latex free closed cell EVA/polyolefin foam. 4. 5" diameter high density ball provides aggressive deep tissue massage to: it band, quadriceps, calf, hamstring, plus more.
Non toxic, latex free closed cell EVA/Polyolefin foam. With a 4. 5" diameter, the orb extreme is firmer, with more prominent bumps than the standard 5" orb. This smaller massage ball is firm, with prominent bumps to better achieve a single point myofascial release. The multi-directional roll provides a focused deep tissue massage to reduce muscle fatigue and tightness, promote flexibility, and enhance performance.
MOBILITYWOD FOOT ROLLER | Rogue Fitness | Foot Massager for Pain Relief - Multi-directional roll provides focused massage. The orb extreme mini provides a single point massage, with a diameter of 3". Firmer with more prominent bumps than standard orb. Deep tissue massage reduces muscle fatigue and tightness, promotes flexibility, and enhances performance. The orb extreme is the most aggressive form of self-massage provided by Pro-Tec Athletics.
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RumbleRoller - Patented Foam Roller Technology - Black - Relieve Sore Muscles- Your Own Portable Massage Therapist - Extra Firm - Half Size 12 Inches - Textured Muscle Foam Roller
RumbleRoller RRCX127 - Firmer with more prominent bumps than standard orb. Which roller is best for you?If you plan to use your RumbleRoller in a single location -- e. G. The foam roller that feels like massage therapy: you'll move better than you ever thought possible - with a more lively spring in your step and plenty of stretch in your muscles - after using the RumbleRoller! Owning a RumbleRoller is like having your very own massage therapist, mobility, on call 24-7.
With the compact rumbleroller, you'll need to roll each leg separately, and will spend a little more time repositioning yourself between exercises. The major advantage the Compact RumbleRoller has over the full-size model is its portability. The extra-firm version black is intended for experienced users with especially dense muscle tissue that doesn't respond to normal massage pressure.
It's an innovative muscle roller that massages more deeply than any other foam roller - to help you build flexibility, and strength. Patented design = optimal muscle health and flexibility: the rumbleroller is unique among foam rollers with its sturdy, making them remarkably similar to a massage therapist's thumbs.
MOBILITYWOD FOOT ROLLER | Rogue Fitness | Foot Massager for Pain Relief - Move better and feel stronger! enhance your performance in any activity by releasing muscle tightness, prevent injury and improve mobility. 6" for the full-size model allows it to conform better to the curvature of some body parts, such as your neck. This makes it a favorite of many runners and triathletes who transport theirs from race to race.
These specially-designed nodules are firm but flexible, the RumbleRoller's foam rolling gently stretches sore muscle tissue in multiple directions, eroding trigger points and relieving discomfort.
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