Exerciser Elite Circulation Machine

Exerciser Elite Circulation Machine
Clark EXE - The exerciser elite is a passive motion circulation machine capable of providing positive results to the complex human body. Millions of people suffer from various ailments that could be improved through regular exercise; however, we understand some individuals are unable to do aerobic type exercise. Using the machine before exercising helps loosen muscles making it easier for you to exercise.
Although passive exercise does not increase the heart rate or burn as many calories as true aerobic exercise, you can still enjoy many other remarkable benefits. Etl approval. Heavy duty, high torque DC motor, 110 volt. 5 speed operation 16 minute digital timer with safety shut-off. People of all ages have made improvements to their overall well-being by incorporating this revolutionary machine into their daily routine.
Exerciser Elite Circulation Machine - Wide cushioned ankle rest. However, the exerciser Elite® is also beneficial for those who are able to do regular exercise. Passive exercise can increase circulation, oxygenate the blood, and help move the lymph fluid, which can be beneficial to the immune system. Several studies indicate this type of exercise can be extremely beneficial especially to those who are unable to do regular aerobic type exercise.
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