WE&ZHE Foot Bath With Heating Red Bubble Full Cover Massage Foot Basin

WE&ZHE Foot Bath With Heating Red Bubble Full Cover Massage Foot Basin
wexe.com - Eliminate the effect of fatigue. Foot abacus massage?foot bath on both sides of the bottom of a abacus massage device, pedal up will make you feel the pleasure of foot massage, can promote the blood ring, reduce fatigue, improve metabolism, soften the skin, to massage the role of health care. Product name: foot tubcontrol: mechanicalfunction: ozone sterilizationinner bucket depth: less than 20cm about to ankledrainage method: manualweight: 4kgwater capacity: 10 liters and abovemove the wheel: nonewaterproof cover device: nonecolor: Dark brownSpecifications: 395 * 270 * 455Display: NoneKit: yesEspecially respected the following crowd:1, insomnia, eliminate fatigue, stroke, renal dysfunction, with a long time with the brain, nerve decline, low immunity, limbs paralysis, resulting in magnetic field, headache, high blood lipids hyperglycemic high cholesterol10, back pain4, physically weak burnout3, need to body sculpting to lose weight, indigestion5, poor gastrointestinal function, lack of exercise, the spirit of large white-collar workers Magnetic health care?strong health care magnet, mental stress2, hands and feet cold6, beauty fitness11, high blood pressure, epigastric pain, poor blood, sexual dysfunction8, often colds who are cold7, the body is weak, busy work, dizziness9, through the magnetic field lines continue to stimulate the foot microcirculation system.
Can effectively promote blood circulation, improve the body's physical magnetic field, to achieve health effects. Red sterilization?can kill mites, etc. But also activate the skin, fungi, the prevention and treatment of athlete's foot, foot odor, Hong Kong feet, mold, so delicate skin. Flower basket handle cover?Specially designed clamshell handle foot tub, you can carry a hand pouring or walking.
WE&ZHE Foot Bath With Heating Red Bubble Full Cover Massage Foot Basin - Bubble impact?with the rise of a large number of bubbles, can continue to impact the foot acupuncture points and reflex zones, play massage foot.
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